Speaking English: Why are EFL learners anxious?

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Yuliana Natsir Endang Komariah Ushwatul Hasanah


This study aims to investigate the causes of language anxiety in speaking English. It was carried out at Private School of Madrasah Tsanawiah Jeumala Amal. A qualitative study was used to investigate these matters. The instrument to collect the data were questionnaire. The data of the causes of language anxiety were analyzed by  using Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (designed by Horwitz, Horwitz and Cope, 1986). The finding showed that, from three causes of language anxiety, communication apprehension was the dominant cause of anxiety, followed by test anxiety and analysis fear of negative evaluation. Meanwhile, anxiety felt by the students included lack of confidence, self-perceptions, lack of preparation, and fear of negative evaluation. Thus, to overcome this problem teachers should be more aware of the students’ anxiety in order to motivate them to speak confidently and fluenty in English speaking class.

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NATSIR, Yuliana; KOMARIAH, Endang; HASANAH, Ushwatul. Speaking English: Why are EFL learners anxious?. Proceedings of English Education International Conference, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 2, p. 67-71, nov. 2016. ISSN 2527-8037. Available at: <http://eeic.unsyiah.ac.id/proceedings/index.php/eeic/article/view/19>. Date accessed: 28 mar. 2023.