The fading of Hadih Maja in the vernacular language among Acehnese teenagers in Banda Aceh

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Siti Aisah Ginting Erwina Gusti


This study describes the behavior of Acehnese teenagers in Banda Aceh through the use of HadihMaja in Banda Aceh. This study aims (1) to explain the kind of attitudesof Acehneseteenagers to the Aceh language in Banda Aceh 2) to investigate the habits of Aceh teenagers in usingAcehnese (3) to explain process of preserving Hadih Maja as a representative of Aceh teenagers in using the Acehnese language. The method used in this research was qualitative research. The subjects were 30 Acehnese teenagers living in Banda Aceh who were selected by sampling with certain considerations. Data was obtained from a questionnaire and from interviews. The questionnaire was used to find outthe attitude of Acehnese teenagers to using the vernacular while the interviews were used to obtain concrete data by transcribing their utterances when speaking Acehnese. Data analysis used the theory of Moleong (2007). The results showed that (1) Acehnese teenagers had a negative attitude to using their vernacular language in Banda Aceh, (2) the negative attitudes of the Acehnese teenagers to using their vernacular caused their ignorance of the Aceh language based on the philosophy of the HadihMaja, and (3) they usedHadihMaja in certain situations, such as at weddings and traditional events because this is one way to preserve HadihMaja as representative of their vernacularlanguage. This shows how they keep the vernacular when they go to different places and to other cities (outside of Aceh) because their vernacular is part of their identity as a community.

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GINTING, Siti Aisah; GUSTI, Erwina. The fading of Hadih Maja in the vernacular language among Acehnese teenagers in Banda Aceh. Proceedings of English Education International Conference, [S.l.], v. 1, n. 2, p. 457-461, nov. 2016. ISSN 2527-8037. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 06 dec. 2022.